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About Our Company

Award Winning Performance

Sierra Eco Systems' focus and experience brings about award winning results in 2011.

At the 2012 Hydron Module dealer meeting, held in March at the company's Illinois headquarters, Sierra Eco was honored with two awards;

- 2011 and 2017 Dealer of the Year;

- `Diamond Club membership for volume, service, and quality.

For years, Sierra Eco System's has placed our customers first; treating their home as if it was ours, sweating the details, and installing quality systems that save money and the environment. The result has been steady growth and satisfied customers as evidenced by these prestigious awards. We pledge to continue these practices.

"Eco" is part of our name for two important reasons.

First, Eco is the root of the word Ecology which is defined as the "study of the interactions between life and its physical environment". Since we spend most of our lives in our home or at work, when considering a new system to heat, cool, or power these spaces, it makes sense to consider methods that are better for the environment.

Second, a new system being considered must make just as much economic sense (there's that root Eco, again) as it does for the environment. Factors such as up-front costs, operating costs, and maintenance expenses are just as important to you, the customer, as is the impact on the environment.

Sierra Eco Systems is committed to promoting and installing solutions that are equally good for the environment, and your pocketbook...

About Our Team

Equal emphasis on business, construction, and technology

can be said about the team that makes up Sierra Eco Systems.

Consider our current focus on Geothermal. With Energy savings of up to 70%, operating lives stated in decades, low maintenance and life-time warranties on key components, and zero emissions, there is no doubt that Geothermal systems are sound technology and make good business sense.

Geothermal is pure and simple technology, but the design and installation of the loop field, and the critical need for perfect sizing and construction in order to adequately and efficiently extract energy from the earth, requires unwavering attention to detail and a focus on continuous quality. There can be no doubt that if the construction methods and techniques are less than perfect, system reliability and economics will suffer, as will your satisfaction. Please take a moment to review the backgrounds and experience of the Sierra Eco Systems team and compare us to other contractors you are considering. We're certain you will see a dramatic difference, and that you will select our team...

Eric "Ric" Rowlatt, BS/MBA

Ric has over twenty years of construction experience, nearly a decade of which has been in construction management. Ric has owned and operated his own firm, and worked for other well known firms, and has managed a blend of commercial, municipal, and residential projects, all with an emphasis on quality. Ric built his career in construction after receiving undergraduate degrees in Construction Engineering Technology from Montana State University, and later earned his MBA from University of Phoenix.

Pete Frigo, VP Mechanical

Pete has over twenty-five years experience in commercial and residential HVAC and refrigeration design, installation, and service, becoming a licensed contractor in 1985. Pete began his career working for a number of noteworthy firms in and around Los Angeles and Orange County, eventually starting his own firm, Frigo Air, in 1990. Over time, Pete developed a focus on large-scale commercial chiller and heat exchanger projects, where he developed his interest and knowledge of Geothermal ground source heat pump technology. Additionally, Pete was an adjunct instructor in HVAC and Refrigeration, and a Board Advisor for the Orange County BOP program, helping others to find careers in HVAC. 

A.J. Kumar, Journeyman Plumber, Electrician, HVAC Technician

A.J. has twelve years of training, both formal and on the job, in the areas of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.  

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