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Geothermal + Solar = Energy Independence

Whether your goal is to pay zero to your electricity provider or be completely "off the grid" the combination of Geothermal and Solar is the one and only cost-effective means by which to reach your goal of energy independence.

Sure you could use solar to power a traditional electric heating solution, such as an air-to-air heat pump or resistive strip baseboard. But, the solar plant required to power such an inefficient method of heating and cooling would be nearly twice as big, and twice as expensive.

Geothermal, or Ground Source, heat pump systems are hands down the most efficient way to heat, cool, and generate hot water. The following authoritative websites provide the data, and the evidence, that Geothermal uses less energy than any other heating and cooling solution, and will provide years of reliable, low maintenance service.

IMPORTANT LINKS: US DOE and EPA California Energy Commission IGSHPA

So it follows logically to first install a Ground Source Heat Pump system, then analyze for one year your average yearly electricity consumption, and then install a properly sized Solar PV system to reduce or eliminate electricity purchased from your utility. But, don't ignore other means to reduce your energy costs; insulation, windows, radiant barriers, can be added to the mix and reduce your energy consumption even further.

Sierra Eco Systems partners with reputable Solar PV system providers, and energy efficiency contractors, throughout our market area and would be happy to make an introduction.

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